Make it Safe!

May, 2020

During these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the ever growing significance of a safe and sterile procedure. The concerns of our customers and their patients for a clean and hygienically protected treatment environment are being echoed throughout the world and we are hearing them loud and clear. However, sterile and safe products have always been a top priority for our company. 


Our products in general, and the unique delivery of sterile and single use components in particular, have always stood up to the most stringent cleanliness standards set by the industry, and demanded by our customers. For example, we are the only implant manufacturer worldwide that supplies a sterile, single-use, sharp final drill within each implant package. This drill is compatible with the length and diameter of the implant it is supplied with and ensures simplicity for the doctor and protection for the patient. 


Free of human touch sandblasting process for all MIS implants.


Another example of how we make it safe are the sterile components delivered with various implant such as the temporary PEEK abutment that comes with every C1 implant, or sterile cover screws and healing caps delivered with all of our implants, which are safe to use on the day of placement itself. There are also the CONNECT abutment and MULTI-UNIT systems, which guarantee placement of clean and sterile components which come in contact with the gingiva.

All of these products are packaged and carefully secured for delivery in a specialized clean room, which is operated under the highest cleanliness and sterility standards, with regular inspections, as in all quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

Although the past few months have raised new challenges and concerns, our customers can rest assured that we continue to take all possible measures to ensure their safety and the safety of their patients.