Comprehensive CONNECT Abutment System for a Screw Retained Solution

March, 2019

The CONNECT abutment system is a broad, comprehensive solution, which offers doctors the ability to maximize the tissue-level restoration concept, enabling the entire prosthetic procedure and restoration to occur far from the bone, and at any level of the connective tissue.


Because of its versatility, the CONNECT may be used in multiple or single unit restorations, for both digital and conventional procedures. It may also be used for provisional or final prosthetic restorations. The new abutment system is easy to use and convenient, and is supplied sterile with the tools necessary for a simple procedure, making it advantageous over other screw retained systems available.


Tali Jacoby, Implants Product Manager at MIS, is excited about the new CONNECT system and about the fact that “It is a One Time Abutment, which enables a prosthetic procedure above the connective tissue level, distancing the micromovements from the bone.” 



The CONNECT allows for a broader range of screw retained prosthetics in the esthetic zone, and may be used in I or II stage procedures. It supports long-term biological stability by increasing the distance from the bone, and providing ultimate seal. Additionally, in CAD/CAM restoration planning, the abutment may be scanned and is incorporated into a partial or fully digitally guided procedure.

Dr. David Norre of Belgium sites one of the reasons he has been using the CONNECT since its release, saying “I think the most important reason I use the CONNECT is because I can avoid repeated disruption of the soft tissue, which reduces the risk of bacteria entering the site.” Therefore, the new CONNECT provides Dr. Norre and his patients with a safer, more predictable solution and an esthetically pleasing result over time.


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