Dare to Share: MIS SPOTLIGHT Event

December, 2021

On December 12, 2021, we hosted our first-ever SPOTLIGHT event. This idea competition granted seven enthusiasts chosen from many applicants in the dental industry field the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of experts.



The SPOTLIGHT competition aims to celebrate and recognize innovative ideas submitted by our peers that are in line with our Make it Simple philosophy. This event brought promising and motivated people from Spain, Panama, Israel, Mexico, and Colombia under one virtual roof. All participants showed tremendous enthusiasm toward developing solutions that would positively impact the dental implant industry.




- Derek Landy

Over the last few years, we have cultivated creative thinking and sought innovative solutions by opening the company's doors to thinkers with projects like the MAKEATHON. The 36-hour brainstorming competition gathered talented dentists and experts in their field, engineers, and design students to come up with creative solutions to the industry's unmet needs.


This year, due to the changing worldwide circumstances, we felt the importance of hearing what our partners from afar have to say. This stage was an opportunity for them to tell us how to make things simple for everybody, and we had the great pleasure of listening and learning from them. 



A selected number of eager thinkers presented their ideas to our professional panel of judges at the virtual event. 

The judges based their choices on creativity and simplicity, commercial potential, clinical relevance, feasibility, customer benefit, and technology readiness.


The range of "outside the box" ideas was incredibly varied: from mobile applications to internal use services and core technology developments on our products. For example, one of the ideas suggested a sensor-based implant that can detect periodontal diseases.


The marketing floor at MIS headquarters became a hotspot for people with a vision, as they displayed their ideas virtually to passersby MIS staff that crossed the floor. The atmosphere was electric, and we could feel the excitement in the air!


SPOTLIGHT winners announcement



The competition was tight, but the judges agreed to award 1st place to Dr. Oriol Canto Naves and Dr. Raul Medina from Spain. They came up with a simple and creative method for improving digital impressions by minimizing significant gaps between scan bodies.


After a long discussion, the judges decided to award an additional 2nd prize to Dr. Yoav Mazor from Israel, who came up with an innovative alternative to intra-oral scanners.

Congratulations to all the winners! 


We want to thank all the participants and judges personally for making this event memorable. 

Thank you for reminding us that innovation comes from creating, experimenting, growing, breaking the rules, and having fun. 


See you next year, and until then, remember never to dim your LIGHT.