The importance of staying sharp: Why drill replacement is critical

April, 2021

It has been well documented that using worn and dull drills for preparing an osteotomy for implant placement can lead to irreversible damage to the patient’s bone. The heat generated by a drill which has been used more than 30-50 times is significantly higher than that generated by a new drill, which is still sharp.


One study, published in the Journal of Oral Implantology in June 2018, concluded that "Using worn drills to prepare osteotomies for implants generates more friction and heat, which increases the likelihood of bone necrosis, irreversible cellular damage, and the replacement of bone tissue with fat."


As a producer of implants and implant placement drills, our belief is that clinical results improve when drills are replaced often and always kept sharp. It’s simple. Sharp drills don’t compromise the viability of bone cells which increases the chances for a successful implant placement.


In fact, we believe this is such a critical factor, our recommendations are that after 30 uses, these drills should be replaced.


This is the reason we created the drill replacement kits. Our replacement drills can be easily placed into the surgical kit already in use by the doctor. This way, the drills most often used, are replaced without having to change the entire surgical kit. Simple. 


After having released the drill replacement kit for internal hex. implants, and receiving feedback from our customers on its effectiveness and ease-of-use, it was obvious that a conical connection kit was needed as well.


With all implant types covered, doctors can rest assured that a sharp new drill will be available whenever it’s time to replace a worn out one in their kit, and ensure the success of the treatment and the safety of their patients.