MIS Implants Surface Quality Proven Once Again

March, 2018

MIS has recently announced its support and participation in the CleanImplant project, initiated by the CleanImplant foundation in 2016. The main goal of this important initiative is to ensure that every dentist is able to guarantee the safety and cleanliness of the implants they offer their patients, and in this way, increase their chances for clinical success.


For this research, five V3 implants were tested, three which were submitted by MIS and two additional implants which were purchased by the research group independently. All five implants were found exceptionally clean and successfully passed the high standards set by the foundation.


MIS was awarded with a certificate from the CleanImplant project at the AO conference in Los Angeles in the beginning of March, to recognize the successful results of the inspection. Although the testing was done on the V3, it is representative of the clean state of all MIS implants, which undergo extremely stringent cleaning and surface treatment processes.


Mr. Motti Weisman and Dr. Duddeck


The clean implant project is a continuation of Dr. Duddeck’s previous SEM research published in the EDI Journal in 2015, which found C1 and SEVEN implants to be extremely clean.


Dr. Tal Reiner, materials discipline manager at MIS explains that "MIS believes in the critical importance of producing the finest quality products possible. As part of that effort, the purity, cleanliness and safety of our implants receive our uncompromising attention and resources. This is done through conducting comprehensive quality assurance evaluations throughout the entire production process on a daily basis. While our own efforts are continuous and keep us on track for maintaining our high standards, there is unquestionable benefit that may be gained by having an external, objective party that analyzes and validates our work. Projects such as CleanImplant enable MIS to offer a true benefit for customers, by providing them with professional, concrete studies and findings which give them the information necessary to decide on the best product for their practice."


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