MIS Expert Experience Team

The Value of Experience: Global Collaborations and Mentoring with MIS MEET


MEET is a platform for young doctors to further develop their abilities as researchers, educators and lecturers. The first international meeting of the group took place at MIS HQ this past September, and was an exciting event where the group, representing 21 different countries from around the globe, was able to get acquainted and present their cases in order to get feedback and learn from each other. 



The members of the group are mentored by 3 doctors from different regions in the world. Dr. Victor Clavijo, from Brazil is the mentor for the doctors from Latin America. Dr. Tommie Van de Velde is mentoring the group from West Europe, while Dr. Sergei Urvantcev is mentoring the East Europe group.


If you want to find out more about joining MEET, contact your local MIS distributor.