Temporary Restoration

Temporary Restoration

Temporary Restoration


Temporary restorations are prepared and fitted for patients, in order to maintain an acceptable function and esthetic appearance, while they wait on permanent rehabilitation. They provide a template for soft-tissue countouring and maturing, while acting as placeholders to prevent migration of neighboring teeth and extrusion of opposing teeth. Temporary restorations are also critical for determining the best restorative design. MIS offers quality temporary cylinders made from both titanium and PEEK.


  • Provide functional and esthetic provisional solution.
  • Options available for all indications.

Technical Information

  • Titanium cylinders feature various gingival heights.
  • Engaging and non-engaging options.
  • Significant wall thickness which enables adjustments.

Clinical Cases

Young Clinicians Clinical Case Competition, Barcelona 2016
C1 Clinical Cases Presentation