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The Influence of New Immediate Tissue Level Abutment on Crestal Bone Stability of Subcrestally Placed Implants: A 1-year Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Drill Performance: Erosion and Corrosion Tests Summary
Clinical Research Posters Abstracts - EAO 2020
Physical Characterization of 3 Implant Systems Made of Distinct Materials with Distinct Surfaces
Use of angled screw channel to facilitate the placement of a screw-retained implant-supported crown replacing a maxillary central incisor
Survival and Success of MIS C1 Implants
Clinical Research Posters Abstracts - AO 2020
Crestal Bone Changes Around Early vs. Conventionally Loaded Implants with a Multiphosphonate Coated Surface: A Randomized Pilot Clinical Trial