UNO One-Piece Implant System by MIS
Drill Performance: Erosion and Corrosion Tests Summary.
Identification Card and Codification of the Chemical and Morphological Characteristics of 62 Dental Implant Surfaces.
Characterizations of MIS Implant Surface.
Primary Stability Following Abutment Preparation of One-Piece Dental Implants.
A rough surface implant neck with microthreads reduces the amount of marginal bone loss: a prospective clinical study; Initial Stability of Two Dental Implant Systems: Influence of Buccolingual Width and Probe Orientation on Resonance Frequency Measurements and more.
A Novel Device for Resonance Frequency Assessment of One-Piece Implants
Heat Production During Prosthetic Preparation of a One-Piece Dental Implant.
Cooling Profile Following Prosthetic Preparation of 1-Piece Dental Implants.
Soft Tissue Healing Around One-Piece Implants: A Two Years Retrospective Clinical Study.
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