C1 Conical Connection Dental Implant System - MIS Implants
Drill Performance: Erosion and Corrosion Tests Summary.
By Dr. Juan Guillermo Guiloff, MCENTER Chile, January 2017.
Marginal Bone Level Around Conical Connection Tapered Implants with Platform Switching: A Multicenter Retrospective Study at 14 Months Follow-Up.
Primary Apical Stability of Tapered Implants Through Reduction of Final Drilling Dimensions in Different Bone Density Models: A Biomechanical Study.
Young Clinicians Clinical Case Competition at the 3rd MIS Global Conference, Barcelona 2016.
Topical Applications of Vitamin D on Implant Surface for Bone-to-Implant Contact Enhance: A Pilot Study in Dogs. Part II
Osseoinductive Elements for Promoting Osseointegration around Immediate Implants: A Pilot Study in the Foxhound Dog
Crestal Bone Remodeling Around Implants Placed Using a Short Drilling Protocol
Survival and Success of MIS C1 Implants - Interim Results of a Field Study.
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