Binder or Stand Alone Bone Graft Material made of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate
BONDBONE - Bonding Graft Material
BONDBONE is an innovative synthetic bone grafting material composed of 100% biphasic calcium sulfate. Due to its novel engineering process, BONDBONE has excellent handling properties. The initial pliable paste is fast setting and is not affected by the presence of blood and saliva.
Excellent Binder or a Stand-alone Graft
BONDBONE is a resorbable, osteoconductive bone grafting material taking the best qualities of hemihydrate and dihydrate calcium sulfate and combining them into one unique product. When combined with other augmentation products, BONDBONE acts as a binder to improve graft stability and to increase volume and effectiveness of the bone graft.

BONDBONE can be used as a highly effective material for socket preservation procedures and the augmentation of small defects.
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