4BONE RCB - Resorbable Conforming Barrier Membrane by MIS
4BONE RCB - Resorbable Conforming Barrier Membrane
4BONE RCB Conforming Bovine Barrier Membrane is engineered from highly purified Type I bovine collagen. 4BONE RCB is a fully resorbable and adaptable cell occlusive barrier used in guided bone regeneration procedures in the area of dental implants, bone defects and ridge augmentations.
Easy to Use, Versatile, Safe and Effective
4BONE RCB is a versatile resorbable barrier membrane. Upon hydration, the barrier membrane easily adapts and conforms to all surgical sites and supports healing of bone and soft tissue.

4BONE RCB can be easily trimmed and does not adhere to itself or instruments when hydrated. The optimal mechanical properties and high tensile strength of 4BONE RCB allow for easy placement and adaptability in ridge augmentation procedures due to its ability to naturally conform to the site where it is placed.
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