4MATRIX - Bone Graft Cement
4MATRIX Bone Graft Cement is an innovative synthetic bone grafting product developed to simplify dental bone grafting procedures. Composed of pure 66.6% biphasic calcium sulfate (BCS) & 33.3% hydroxyapatite (HA) and characterized by a predetermined setting time and resorption rate, 4MATRIX is the preferred augmentation product for a wide variety of dental bone grafting procedures.
Revolutionary “All in One” 1cc Sterile Syringe
4MATRIX is delivered in a dual chamber pre-filled syringe, containing physiological saline solution in the first chamber and the granulated powder in the second chamber. The 2 chambers are separated by sealed plungers. Mixing the powder component with the liquid in the syringe results in a viscous composite that is suitable for injection into the graft site.
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