MIS Implants offers a range of impression coping components providing a choice between open or closed tray impression coping protocols. Our impression coping range enables simple and accurate restoration planning for single tooth, bridge or a full denture; using screw retained or press fit components.
Custom-made Open Tray
A custom-made open tray procedure requires the making of a preliminary impression of the relevant arch. The custom- made impression tray is prepared by punching a hole in the approximate placement area of the implant, enabling the guide pin to protrude through the impression tray.

Components and tools used for open-tray impression coping include:
• Impression coping
• Guide pin
• Analog
• Prosthetic instrument/hex. driver
Closed Tray
Only after placing the MIS closed tray impression coping abutment on the implants and covering them with a plastic cap, can an impression be taken.

Components and tools used for closed-tray impression coping include:
• Closed tray impression coping
• Prosthetic screw
• Impression coping plastic cap
• Analog
• Prosthetic instrument/hex. driver
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