Conical connection
Dual thread
Sand-blasted and acid-etched surface
Raw material
Conical connection: The 12° conical connection was engineered to create an ultimate seal and ideal connection between the implant and abutment with built-in platform switching, reducing micro-movements.
Micro-rings: Micro-rings on the neck of the implant are designed to facilitate an increase in bone to implant contact (BIC). This design concept has been reported to be associated with less crestal bone loss when compared with other implant design features.
Color Coding: All V3 implants, superstructures and tools are color-coded for easy identification of platform sizes.
Packaging: Each V3 implant comes with a sterile cover screw and single-use final drill, suitable for all drilling protocols. The sterile inner tube is fitted with a special titanium sleeve that has an anti-rotation grip, to ensure easy engagement between the insertion tool and the implant.
Surface treatment: The surface roughness and micro-morphology is a result of sandblasting and acid etching. This proven MIS surface technology leads to a high level of cleanliness, which leads to effective osseointegration. This is one of the key factors which contribute to long-lasting clinical success.
Raw material: All MIS implants are made from Ti-6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23), the higher purity version of Ti-6Al-4V. This specific type of alloy combines biocompatibility, excellent fatigue strength and low elastic modulus. These benefits make Ti-6Al-4V ELI mechanically superior to titanium grade 4 and the ultimate dental and medical titanium grade.
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