Simple, Safe & Accurate
Specially designed to facilitate safe, simple and quick implant procedures, MIS offers a wide range of surgical instruments and innovative tools to assure smooth and accurate surgical procedures. The range incorporates a wide variety of drills, body try-in units, keys, wrenches, ratchets and insertion tools.
Raw Materials
Mechanically superior and simple to use, MIS surgical drills and instruments are manufactured from high quality stainless steel or ceramics to guarantee excellent strength properties.
MIS Surgical Drills
MIS surgical drills feature a cutting apex for simple, safe and fast procedures. Drills are laser marked for depth and color-coded to provide a user-friendly platform indication.
MIS surgical drills feature internal irrigation, allowing for perfect cooling. Drill geometry is designed to finely prepare the socket for a perfect fit with the implant, facilitating excellent primary stability of the implant.
Tools for Success
MIS offers a wide range of innovative tools and instruments, providing clinicians and lab technicians with simple and easy solutions suited to almost any clinical scenario.
Easy with Every Product - Make it Simple
MIS delivers simplicity, reliability and innovation for implants, prosthetics, digital dentistry and regenerative solutions.

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