It is an honor for MIS to collaborate with a host of prestigious universities and research institutions around the world, as well as distinguished scientists and clinical researchers who share our passion for new knowledge. Our research projects range from basic science to clinical assessments of MIS products and procedures, and data collection for alterations in current techniques.

In-house, MIS are continually seeking superior raw materials, technologies, and procedures that will result in Making It Simpler. We offer a number of informative research leaflets, videos and manuscripts for download on this site. Whatever your level of interest in MIS research and development, we stand by our pledge to conduct the most rigorous, consistent, and ongoing testing and evaluation of our products with the aim of ensuring your success and securing patient safety.
Long & Short Term Qualitative Research -
Make it Simple
MIS products are backed by years of qualitative research and are currently included in over 90 international studies.

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