Overdenture restorations offered by MIS Implants are generally divided into two main categories: removable-bar restorations or click-mechanism restorations - Ball attachment, Locator system and OT Equator. All systems can be easily placed and removed for better oral hygiene.
OT-Equators are the smallest overdenture and removable denture attachments on the market. The low-profile design and wide variety of retentive options make them ideal for all clinical scenarios; especially where there are space limitations. OT-EQUATOR attachments feature a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating for maximum resistance to wear, a small-scale metal housing and replaceable nylon inserts suitable for various retention levels. Retention inserts can be replaced easily within seconds.
Ball Attachments
Ball attachments are designed to increase retention of (partial) overdentures, supported on implants. MIS titanium Ball Attachments provide firm retention and stabilization of the overdenture when used with tissue-supported implant-retained overdentures and are compatible with MIS internal hex. and conical connection implants.
Advanced anchoring for implant-retained overdentures, Locator attachments are easy to insert and remove by patients and designed with customizable levels of retention with a low vertical profile. The ability to pivot, allows the attachment a resiliency and tolerance for high mastication forces and allows compensation for the path of insertion up to 40 degrees of divergence between implants, and provides exceptional durability.
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