Zirconia Abutments
MIS Zirconia abutments are biocompatible and have superior strength characteristics. They combine the esthetic benefit of Zirconia, with the accuracy, strength and long-term stability of a titanium-to-titanium connection between the implant and the abutment. Zirconia abutments are constructed for incisors (anterior esthetic zone) and pre-molars (posterior zone). The Titanium base comes in a non-reflective gold finish for best esthetic results. Two Titanium-Zirconia abutment options are available: Non-Cemented and Pre-Cemented.
Esthetic Abutments
MIS offers a wide variety of esthetic abutments for cemented restorations with emphasis on simplicity and convenience. A simple procedure allows for easy adjustment of abutments to the restored teeth. Restoration can be achieved using either a direct abutment, with a longitudinal axis aligned with the implant, or angulated abutments, with a longitudinal axis placed at an angle to the implant.
Cement-Retained Restoration
Advantages of cement-retained crowns include a passive fit of the implant crown, avoiding the transfer of stress to the implants, excellent esthetic results and an ideal occlusal design.
An unaltered framework or abutment design decreases porcelain failure, allowing the use of conventional crown-and-bridge procedures.
In addition, with cemented restoration the implant abutment-crown micro-gap is sealed, preventing bacterial debris from migrating into the abutment-crown space.
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