MIS MULTIFIX Fixed Restoration for Atrophic Ridges
MIS MULTIFIX allows for a comprehensive treatment plan for edentulous patients, of full-arch immediate restoration, using Multi-Unit abutments on just four implants.
Drilling Set for 18 and 20mm Length Implants
MIS MULTIFIX Long Implants Drilling Set allows for a full drilling procedure followed by placement of an 18mm or 20mm Standard platform implant.
Long implant placement is recommended for the posterior tilted implants when performing a Fixed Restoration for Atrophic Ridges.
Guide Strip
MULTIFIX guide strips are used to assist in evaluating the drilling angle, while preparing the insertion site of the tilted implants during the MIS MULTIFIX procedure. These flexible strips are reusable.
Bone Profiler Kit
Surgery may be followed by bone milling around the posterior tilted implants, for a uniform surface of the hard tissue, allowing an easy path of insertion and accurate connection of the angulated Multi-Unit abutments. MIS Bone Profiler Kit provides a solution for all platforms.
Multi-Unit System
MIS Multi-Unit abutments have no sharp edges for favorable soft tissue healing, a closed thread allowing for easy and preferable screw tightening and ultimate distribution of force, and are delivered sterile for better surgical results.
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