CAD/CAM Technology
MCENTERs with an in-house laboratory can provide immediate temporary custom healing caps, abutments and screw-retained crowns and bridges from PMMA. Additionally, permanent custom abutments and copings are available in Zirconia and Titanium.
Scan Posts
The MIS Scan Posts, with patent-pending design features, offer excellent surface quality, allowing easy scanning and unique geometry. Well-defined flat surfaces for easy placement and optimum accuracy. No spraying or pre-scanning needed. Suitable for both Intra Oral and desktop scanning.

Digital Model Analogs
The Digital Analog for a printed model is used in a fully digital procedure using intra-oral scanning, including virtual implant planning, placement and digital restoration printing.

Designed with geometry which provides optimal precision, the analog ensures exact positioning in a 3D printed model. That leads to accurate restoration planning and simulation.

Titanium Blanks
The Titanium Blanks, with a pre-milled interface, are available for conical connection and internal hex. implants, for all platforms. Each interface is available in two diameters - 9mm and 12mm.
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