MIS MGUIDE - Full Smile Solution
From planning to 3D modeling and uniquely designed and patient specific surgical templates, and on through same day provisional restoration, MIS is truely offering the patient a Full Smile Solution with its "one-stop-shop" for digitally guided surgery.

MGUIDE Template
The open-frame design of the MGUIDE template allows an open field of view during surgery, where irrigation and anesthesia are accessible from all angles without removing the template. With a fully customized MGUIDE design, a raised-flap procedure may be performed.

The template is constructed from a strong, durable and biocompatible material. The 3D CAD/CAM design ensures the highest level of accuracy. The lightweight template design is an added benefit for patient comfort as well.
MGUIDE Surgical Kits
MGUIDE surgical kits simplify the implantology process by eliminating the need for traditional guidance keys.
Specially designed sleeves and drills stop at the precisely planned position and depth, freeing-up hands and saving valuable time.

MIS has a comprehensive set of surgical kits which include:

  • Conical Connection Surgical Set for V3 and C1 implants procedure
  • Internal Hex. Surgical Set for SEVEN implant procedure
  • Narrow Sleeve Kits - for both conical and internal hex. connections, ideal for implant placement in mandibular anterior regions, between teeth and where standard sleeves are too large
  • Universal Pilot Drills Kit - suitable for all MIS implants models, and used for first stage implantation procedures
Technology Taken to the Limits - Make it Simple
Pushing the envelope of today's technological advancements means MIS continuously explores new ways in which technology can take implant dentistry to the next level for optimal results.

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