Conical Connection
Featuring a 6-degree conical connection that ensures a secure fit between abutment and implant, the C1 minimizes micro-movements reducing bone loss at the crestal level. It has is a six-position cone index within the conical connection to help orient the implant during insertion as well as placing the abutment into the proper position.
Dual Thread
The C1 dual thread design increases the BIC (Bone to Implant Contact) over the entire body of the implant. The dual thread doubles the implant insertion rate (1.50mm), facilitating a simpler and faster implant placement.
Dual Stability Mechanism
The C1 offers a Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM) that combines the benefits of high primary stability with an accelerated osseointegration process, thus minimizing stability loss during the first weeks after surgery.
This differential drilling method enables moderate compression of the bone at the top 2/3 of the implant body in order to gain mechanical stability, while preventing such compression at the apical 1/3.
The 'compartments' created between the threads at the apical 1/3 are filled with blood and bone particles, enabling rapid bone growth.
Color Coding
All C1 implants, superstructures and tools are color-coded for simple and immediate identification of the platform size.
Whether for use in a submerged procedure, one-stage procedure or immediate loading, the C1 Combo-Package provides the clinician with the flexibility to choose which procedure to follow in real-time.
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