Conical Connection
The C1 features a 6-degree conical connection ensures a secure fit between the abutment and implant. By minimizing micro-movement at that junction bone loss at the crestal level is reduced. There is a six-position cone index within the conical connection to help orient the implant during insertion as well as placing the abutment into the proper position.
Dual Thread
The C1 thread design encourages initial stability at the coronal third and rapid osseointegration in the apical third. The micro rings and the dual thread design on the implant neck improves bone-to-implant contact at the crestal zone.
Dual Stability Mechanism
The C1 implant incorporates the exclusive MIS Dual Stability Mechanism (DSM) by design. When placed in full bone, the single-use final drill (supplied with each implant) creates an osteotomy that generates mild compression at the coronal third of the implant, ensuring high initial stability, while allowing rapid osseointegration in the apical third. This advanced technology combines the benefits of high primary mechanical stability with an accelerated osseointegration, achieving rapid biological stability.
Color Coding
A convenient color-coding system is built in to every C1 implant and its prosthetic components, for easy identification during procedures.
Whether for use in a submerged procedure, one-stage procedure or immediate loading, the C1 Combo-Package provides the clinician with the flexibility to choose which procedure to follow in real-time.
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