Conical Connection
Featuring a 6-degree conical connection that ensures a secure fit between abutment and implant, the C1 minimizes micro-movements reducing bone loss at the crestal level. It has is a six-position cone index within the conical connection to help orient the implant during insertion as well as placing the abutment into the proper position.
Platform Switching
The C1 platform switching keeps the implant-abutment connection away from the bone; minimizing bone resorption. Platform switching additionally allows more vital growth of the soft tissue.
At the neck of the C1, micro-rings significantly increase the BIC (Bone to Implant Contact), avoiding bone resorption at the crestal zone.
Dual Thread
The C1 dual thread design increases the BIC (Bone to Implant Contact) over the entire body of the implant. The dual thread doubles the implant insertion rate (1.50mm), facilitating a simpler and faster implant placement.
Surface Treatment
C1 implants are sand-blasted and acid-etched. These surface treatments increase the implant surface area by creating both micro and nano-structures and eliminating various surface contaminants.
Conical Shape
With its conical, root-shaped geometry and a unique thread design, C1 ensures a superior primary stability and offers the ultimate choice for a wide range of clinical cases and loading protocols.
Its root-shaped design makes C1 ideal for narrow spaces, restricted by adjacent teeth or implants.
Two Spiral Channels & Domed Apex
The C1 features a domed apex, providing a high tolerance and safe procedure during insertion. Two cutting blades at the implant apex establish the selftapping properties of the C1; supporting a simpler, safer and faster procedure.
Final Drill
Each C1 implant comes with a single-use final drill, suitable for all drilling protocols.
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