V3 Implant System - More Bone Where it Matters Most
Conical connection
Dual thread
Sand-blasted and acid-etched surface
Raw material
Conical connection: The 12° conical connection creates an ultimate seal and ideal connection between the implant and abutment with built-in platform switching, reducing micro-movements.
Micro-rings: Micro-rings on the neck of the implant assist in reducing bone stress and bone resorption, and increase BIC.
Color Coding: All V3 implants, superstructures and tools are color-coded for easy identification of platform sizes.
Packaging: Each V3 implant comes with a sterile cover screw and single-use final drill, suitable for all drilling protocols. The sterile inner tube is fitted with a special titanium sleeve that has an anti-rotation grip, to ensure easy engagement between the insertion tool and the implant.
Surface treatment: The surface roughness and micro-morphology is a result of sandblasting and acid etching. This proven MIS surface technology provides excellent osseointegration resulting in long-lasting clinical success.
Raw material: All MIS implants are made from Ti-6Al-4V ELI (Grade 23), the higher purity version of Ti-6Al-4V. This specific type of alloy combines biocompatibility, excellent fatigue strength and low elastic modulus. These benefits make Ti-6Al-4V ELI mechanically superior to titanium grade 4 and the ultimate dental and medical titanium grade. Similarly to commercially pure titanium (Grades 1-4), the outer surface of all MIS implants are comprised of a thin layer of pure titanium oxide (TiO2).
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