V3 Conical Connection Dental Implants System: More Bone Where It Matters Most | MIS Implants
More Bone
The compression-free gaps around the coronal area of the V3 provide a reservoir for blood pooling and the formation of blood clots, for faster implant integration and accelerated bone growth.
Stress Reduction
The gaps around the sides of the implant neck result in an open, compression-free zone. Crestal bone loss is minimized by reducing stress in the cortical bone.
Implant Neck
The triangular shape at the V3 neck provides high immediate crestal stability and maximum bone preservation. Anchorage is achieved at three points without compromising crestal primary stability.
Platform Switching
The V3 incorporates platform switching to preserve the crestal bone around an implant for better bone preservation and to provide an excellent gingival seal for high soft tissue volume.
Conical Connection
The 12° conical connection creates an ultimate seal and ideal connection between the implant and abutment with built-in platform switching, reducing micro-movements.
Micro-rings on the neck of the implant assist in reducing bone stress and bone resorption, and increase BIC.
Surface treatment
The surface roughness and micro-morphology is a result of sandblasting and acid etching. This proven MIS surface technology provides excellent osseointegration resulting in long-lasting clinical success.
Flat Apex
The flat apex allows good grip into bone, especially in immediate placement procedures.
Final Drill
Each V3 implant comes with a single-use final drill, suitable for all drilling protocols.
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