UNO One-Piece Implant System by MIS
Primary Stability Following Abutment Preparation of One-Piece Dental Implants.
A rough surface implant neck with microthreads reduces the amount of marginal bone loss: a prospective clinical study; Initial Stability of Two Dental Implant Systems: Influence of Buccolingual Width and Probe Orientation on Resonance Frequency Measurements and more.
A Novel Device for Resonance Frequency Assessment of One-Piece Implants
Heat Production During Prosthetic Preparation of a One-Piece Dental Implant.
Cooling Profile Following Prosthetic Preparation of 1-Piece Dental Implants.
Soft Tissue Healing Around One-Piece Implants: A Two Years Retrospective Clinical Study.
3mm UNO narrow implant: a preliminary study on human mandible.
Soft Tissue Healing around one-piece with full rough-treated implants: a clinical study.
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