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Titanium Ti 6AI 4V
4 pictures/MIS_Titanium_Ti_6AI_4V.jpg
C1 Advantages
MIS C1 conical connection implant has excellent results in immediate and delayed placement. pictures/C1.jpg
SEVEN Advantages
MIS SEVEN internal hex. implant has an outstanding primary stability in all bone types. pictures/SEVEN.jpg
M4 Advantages
MIS M4 internal hex. implant has a proven implant design, especially for insertion into Hard bone. pictures/M4.jpg
C1 - Conical Connection Implant
4 pictures/c1 - conical conection implants.jpg
SEVEN - Internal Hex. Implant
4 pictures/seven-all.jpg
M4 - Internal Hex. Implant
4 pictures/MIS_M4.jpg
UNO One-Piece Implant
4 pictures/MIS_UNO_One-Piece.jpg
LINK - Orthodontic Anchor Screw
4 pictures/MIS_LINK.jpg
MCENTER - Digital Dentistry
4 pictures/MIS_MCENTER.jpg
C1 Implants Packaging
Providing a simple, immediate identification of implant type, length and diameter, the C1 package is... pictures/MIS_C1_Packaging.jpg
Internal Hex. Implant Packaging
4 pictures/MIS_Internal_Hex_Packaging.jpg
Internal Hex. Implant Packages
4 pictures/MIS_Internal_Hex_Implant_Package.jpg
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